Freedom (Buffalo Cover)


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Aussie Band "Buffalo" cover from their 1974 album "Volcanic Rock". Song by TICE/BAXTER. All rigths belong to its original owners. No copyrigth violation or profit mood intented, just a tribute to one of our favourite rock bands of all times.


Your senses are returning,
you'll soon be on your way
the old bridges burning,
it's your new life's first day
so lift up your head
and rise the banner high
the older is dead and a new flag will fly.
As you travel down the highway,
and you open up your mind
and move down each byway
understand the truths you find
and remember don't deny
another who's in need
and there's reason still to cry,
until every man is free.


released March 19, 2017
Álvaro Bárcena, guitar. Daniel Bárcena drums. Diego Martínez bass & vocals. Recorded, mastered and produced by Daniel Sevillano, Oviedo May 2007.



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AMON RA Asturias, Spain

Heavy Psych band from northen coast of Spain.

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